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Wynajem mieszkań i pokojów - Berlin

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Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 5 300 user
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It's so useful to have flexible cancellation policies.
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Grady P.
He enjoyed 20 dni in Budapeszt
Everything is perfect with this website, it is quite easy to use as well as the customer service being very efficient
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Sacha B.
He enjoyed 2 miesiące in Praga
Działa jak airbnb super
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Pola S.
She enjoyed 3 miesiące in Praga
I've used Flatio multiple times now and I've been super pleased with the ease of the online functionalities and the professionalism of the Flatio staff and landlords.
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Carla L.
She enjoyed 1 miesiąc in Praga
More flexibility with invoices. I needed an invoice for renting an apartment, I couldn't get it because I rented an apartment as a private person and not as a company.
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Barbara J.
She enjoyed 1 miesiąc in Praga
You are great. Always available to answer to our questions. I always felt secure with you.
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António R.
He enjoyed 2 miesiące in Praga
Easy to use platform! Excellent customer support! Highly recommended!
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Ana N.
She enjoyed 3 miesiące in Peniche
Your prices are definitely better than Airbnb as is your customer service so I would be inclined to use you again and I have already referred someone. The most important thing is fast response when I reach out to customer service and knowing I can reach someone if something is not right with the accommodations
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Lisa R.
She enjoyed 14 dni in Caniço
We really do appreciate Flatio. This is the 3rd tie we have used and find this a fantastic site. You know what ups are paying for and can easily confirm this with the property. I have already recommended this site to a few other people.
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Silvana G.
She enjoyed 22 dni in Porto
Very well organized website.
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Jovana P.
She enjoyed 21 dni in Praga
The apartment was amazing and the communication was quick and any difficulties resolved.
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Triantafylo M.
She enjoyed 15 dni in Praga
Szybko, sprawnie, online - to najważniejsze, bez zbędnych formalności.
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Bogna F.
She enjoyed 2 miesiące in Warszawa
Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 5 300 user
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You don't have to pay deposit
By renting an apartment via Flatio you save your budget because you do not have to send any deposit to the landlord for rentals up to 180 days. We will guarantee for you on our behalf.
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