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Aneta V. Tenant
Líbí se mi komunikace, bezpečnostní pokyny, upozornění na nastávající i končící pobyt, včetně kroků k vyplnění. Přála bych si aktuální foto, kontroly stavu nabízených bytů. Aby člověk nepřicházel do bydlení podle fotek, ale které je ve skutečnosti kompletně jiné (technický stav, stav užitných předmětů, čistota...).
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04.10.2023 Brno
Sean S. Tenant
Fast and easy
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04.10.2023 Praga
Matt T. Tenant
You provide very detailed information about the properties you rent for people like me that can't see the apartment before we move in.
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04.10.2023 Budapeszt
Dalya M. Tenant
We really liked the detailed descriptions regarding the apartment, and everything related to it.
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04.10.2023 Lizbona
Anne G. Tenant
Excellent customer service and response.
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04.10.2023 Walencja
Margarida C. Landlord
it is easy and the support works when it is need it
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03.10.2023 Lizbona
Andrea M. Tenant
Perfect. Customer care it's one of the biggest pro. They respond quickly and in an explanatory manner and are always available. Transactions, payments and all the delicate stuff is super transparent with no hidden costs.
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03.10.2023 Madryt
Cydelle S. Tenant
Flatio is fantastic! Easy to use, reasonable rents, reliable platform.
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03.10.2023 Lizbona
Gabriel A. Tenant
Vše máte v topu.
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05.09.2023 Praga
Sándor V. Tenant
I liked the site it was nice and easy to use. Sometimes the localization is a bit bad, especially the Hungarian expressions are translated weird, that can be improved but all in all, it was a good experience using it!
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06.09.2023 Budapeszt
Maria S. Tenant
Flatio platform is easy to use – I signed the contract via the platform and uploaded everything easily. It is very clear what are the steps for booking an accommodation. I like that I received notifications (emails, SMS to my phone) to remind me for check ins, important information, check out, etc.
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03.10.2023 Lizbona
Terri P. Tenant
The inventory of rental homes and flats, the layout and ease of use of the site, and the quick response with answers to questions.
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03.10.2023 Porto
Alan K. Tenant
Good price for flats and houses
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07.05.2023 São Vicente
Anais L. Tenant
Site is easy to use. Great option for digital nomads and prices seem lower than other sites.
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30.07.2023 Alcabideche
Sanjay P. Tenant
Easy, good reviews
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03.10.2023 Lizbona
Tracy J. Tenant
Easy and clear to use
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03.10.2023 Hersonissos
Benjamin W. Tenant
Digital leases but I gotta make sure it all works before would recommend
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03.10.2023 Albufeira
Eszter K. Tenant
Rugalmasság, tiszta környezet
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03.10.2023 Budapeszt
Debra Q. Tenant
Helps finding monthly rentals
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06.08.2023 Funchal
Shana L. Tenant
smooth and easy way to rent apartment without leaving my home. my dreams come true :)
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03.10.2023 Poděbrady
Neil D. Landlord
Not perfect. We hoped to have more occupancy and revenue generated from Flatio, but I'm fairly satisfied. Quite straightforward to use and streamlines the process.
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02.10.2023 Funchal
Katila V. Landlord
all good. I do like to work with Flatio.
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02.10.2023 Lizbona
Muhammad F. Tenant
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02.10.2023 Budapeszt
Conor O. Tenant
The Flatio concept is good. I don’t like that if you rent and pay for 30 days you only get to stay 29 nights.
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02.10.2023 Llafranc