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Přesně tuto službu jsem potřebovala. Show more
Veronika Ž., spent 12 dni in Praga
A quick easy process Show more
Jack R., spent 17 dni in Praga
Quick, polite, good service. Show more
Hynek J., spent 1 miesiąc in Wiedeń
Very easy to use, and communicate with the landlord. Show more
Alessandra C., spent 28 dni in Lizbona
Flatio worked perfect, easy to communicate and efficient Show more
Ella M., spent 1 miesiąc in Lizbona
oceňujem komunikáciu, prehľadnú webovú stránku a fakturáciu. Show more
Zuzana B., spent 2 miesiące in Praga
Perfect, was everything I needed to realise my plans! Thank you! Show more
Gheorghe M., spent 5 dni in Funchal
Easy to handle Show more
Ronald D., spent 3 miesiące in Budapeszt
Good customer care Show more
András T., spent 19 dni in Brno
Great accommodation at a great price. Show more
Julie E., spent 1 miesiąc in Wiedeń
I had to change my apartment in the middle of my stay in Lisbon and… Show more
Gerald D., spent 10 dni in Lizbona
Everything was fine. Show more
Zoltán R., spent 13 dni in Budapeszt
Skvělé pro krátkodobé ubytko bez složitých procesů. Show more
Martin M., spent 2 miesiące in Praga
I will definetly come to flatio in the future. I really appreciated… Show more
Ioana-Cosmina A., spent 14 dni in Lagos
Great! Show more
Jack K., spent 28 dni in Vila do Conde
Really good, couldnt be better Show more
Aryan M., spent 8 dni in Praga
Potešil ma informačný systém, kde vidím pekne rozpísané platby, ktoré… Show more
Monika Z., spent 2 miesiące in Brno
Excellent service and support Show more
Natalia S., spent 2 miesiące in Praga
Velmi snadno a v klidu jsem našel byt, který se mi líbil Show more
Vitalii I., spent 18 dni in Praga
very good clarity app Show more
Kristína H., spent 16 dni in Las Palmas na wyspie Gran Canaria
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