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Flatio , new interesting site , I will use it for next bookings Show more
Anzhela K., spent 21 dni in Praga
Spolehliva a rychla komunikace, vse bez problemu Show more
Monika S., spent 1 miesiąc in Praga
Just the 30 days cancelation period is too big. You can lower it to… Show more
Deni P., spent 1 miesiąc in Praga
Maybe a mop to clean the floors would be appreciated, besides that -… Show more
Lenka D., spent 17 dni in Cieplice
A very convenient way to find a place to stay in another city. Show more
Oleg F., spent 14 dni in Warszawa
very satisfied, resolved all my issues. Very helpful and assistance… Show more
Sadeeka A., spent 25 dni in Praga
It was easy to rent an apartment without much bureaucracy (since the… Show more
Lais R., spent 2 miesiące in Praga
minden rendben volt Show more
Alexandra O., spent 1 miesiąc in Budapeszt
It’s fast and reliable Show more
Pascale C., spent 1 miesiąc in Praga
Funguje to bezvadně . Jsem se službami spokojená jako vždy . Nic bych… Show more
Veronika S., spent 1 miesiąc in Praga
Very good and quick way to find accomodation in another city. Show more
Oleg F., spent 1 miesiąc in Warszawa
Fast and prompt response Show more
Biljana M., spent 29 dni in Praga
Good communication with the call centre. Show more
Andrea M., spent 4 miesiące in Praga
- Jó hogy nem kell személyesen megnézni a lakásokat. - Az oldal… Show more
Attila M., spent 15 dni in Budapeszt
Je super, že je zajištěna ochrana nájemce i nájemníka, že se dá… Show more
Marcela L., spent 3 miesiące in Praga
everything worked perfectly Show more
Agáta P., spent 2 miesiące in Praga
Szybko, sprawnie, online - to najważniejsze, bez zbędnych formalności. Show more
Bogna F., spent 2 miesiące in Warszawa
excellent Show more
Petra S., spent 1 miesiąc in Praga
Compared with similar (and a lot bigger) plaforms, I consider the… Show more
Jose S., spent 19 dni in Bratysława
Flatio is very practical and every time I needed to contact the… Show more
Raul M., spent 1 miesiąc in Wiedeń
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