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Very good. Accessibility. No. Show more
Duarte M., spent 9 dni in Praga
Quick replies to inquiries. Show more
Gary J., spent 1 miesiąc in Budapeszt
Customer support and UX/UI are decent Show more
Iaroslav M., spent 1 miesiąc in Walencja
Not complicated Show more
Clinton C., spent 1 miesiąc in Barcelona
Simple process and a super convenient platform for expats! Show more
Hamish J., spent 1 miesiąc in Lagos
Flatio is good and very supportive. The people in Flatio are very… Show more
Edward S., spent 1 miesiąc in Cabanas de Tavira
I liked it! Good support work, including with non-standard operations… Show more
Tatiana S., spent 2 miesiące in Salou
is a completely trustworthy site, it helped me a lot to find the best… Show more
Yara M., spent 1 miesiąc in Porto
Tout fût parfaitement organisé. Show more
Caroline Thien Kim T., spent 6 dni in Budapeszt
Para mí estuvo perfecto. En relación precio/calidad. Fue mi primera… Show more
Viviana Q., spent 25 dni in São Félix da Marinha
Very easy to use, gives full control and makes you feel super secure… Show more
Nina B., spent 1 miesiąc in Colares
I was happy that what you offered was what I found. The descriptions… Show more
Joseph O., spent 1 miesiąc in Split
Easy to use, at the beginning though it might be a scam, since I… Show more
Romeu F., spent 4 miesiące in Ponta Delgada
Vše v pořádku. Show more
Jitka P., spent 10 miesięcy in Praga
Služba Flatio funguje bez problémů. Show more
Jiří N., spent 6 miesięcy in Praga
Flatio is a great platform for short term stays. They are very… Show more
Ramesh R., spent 1 miesiąc in Praga
Poměrně přehledný web a snadná dohledatelnost informací. Show more
Samuel V., spent 6 miesięcy in Brno
I would recommend Flatio. Service is good and fast. There is no need… Show more
Sophie S., spent 2 miesiące in Budapeszt
Excellent! Show more
Alexandra K., spent 1 miesiąc in Malaga
Amazing as always. Show more
Michaela Š., spent 28 dni in Ponta Delgada
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