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The services provided were absolutely fantastic and I would recommend… Show more
Carol G., spent 1 miesiąc in Porto
Perfect service guys, wish you move forward, don't stop :) Show more
Kirill A., spent 4 miesiące in São Vicente Ferreira
Jsem mile překvapena, jak vše fungovalo. Od podpisu nájemní smlouvy… Show more
Martina K., spent 18 dni in Praga
Excellent. Show more
Malinda C., spent 17 dni in Budapeszt
Everything is done via internet. Show more
Mateusz K., spent 3 miesiące in Praga
Perfect! Being able to find such a cool place to stay thanks to… Show more
Diany Melisa J., spent 6 dni in Lizbona
Awesome service. Highly recommend using this company. Show more
Luis R., spent 8 miesięcy in Funchal
Služby Flatio jsou dobré. Vše je spolehlivé. Show more
Ivan D., spent 24 dni in Praga
Very easy to use and reliable service. Show more
Alfred Soechan K., spent 29 dni in Praga
Really supportive, plenty of useful comms and really diligent with… Show more
Nina B., spent 27 dni in Colares
I will use Flatio in the future for sure Show more
Diego N., spent 1 miesiąc in Lizbona
It's easy to book and get a quick response from the landlords… Show more
Daniela S., spent 1 miesiąc in São Martinho do Porto
Easy for a long rent stay. Show more
Chris U., spent 1 miesiąc in Walencja
Very good and timely. Show more
Sonia G., spent 2 miesiące in Praga
У вас все чудово Show more
Ivan K., spent 15 dni in Praga
The ease of renting is the best. Show more
Ashwin S., spent 4 miesiące in Praga
They were very helpful during a tricky period for housing. Show more
John P., spent 1 miesiąc in Queluz
Fast procedure and well-designed website. Show more
Thanh Nghia V., spent 21 dni in Praga
Very helpful, quick response Show more
Peerapa Sasiratna & N., spent 11 miesięcy in Funchal
Everything is clear and easy to use Show more
Anastasiia P., spent 15 dni in Lizbona
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