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Markus E
Markus E.
Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
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Mohammed B.
Mohammed B.
Przed przed 3 miesiącami
Apartment was exactly as advertised and there were no nasty surprises. Owner really took care of his apartment and was extra helpful in all matters and was constantly in communication with me. The neighbor's were very kind and pleasant. This apartment would have gotten the highest rating if it had an air conditioner (I bought a fan) as I faced the heatwave but that wasn't a major issue. I would for sure rent this property again next time I come to town as I have become very comfortable here. On a final note, it's really easy to access the city from this location.


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Hey there, I'm Markus. I would describe myself as an easy-going, positive, creative, enthusiastic, fun person. You will find me most happy producing music, playing it on stage, creating and connecting with people. Always happy to explore new places, meet new people, discuss new ideas, try new things. I'm a fast learner so it's a lot of fun for me trying new things and figuring out how to get better at them! I love traveling respectfully and slow pace. I'm very clean and like people who share those two aspects and aren't the typical party tourist. I love to learn about hobbies and skills my hosts/guests have, especially if you are a fellow creative! As I'm currently traveling my friend Sara helps me with managing the flat and she will be welcoming you to this beautiful place!

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3 godziny
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Maj 2019

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