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Rui Z.
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Neighborhood hero
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Temple of zen in Prague center

Ocenione na: 16.08.2023 Długość pobytu 17 dni

A beautiful property situated in central Prague. The area was safe and it felt like a home away from home. The interior was very nice and was an overall relaxing place to stay. The landlord was amazing and she was always very quick to get back to me if I had questions and she welcomed me in very well.

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Lisa Maria E.

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Hello , beautiful soul, I am a yoga instructor and wellness coach. I love to study nature and human nature. Mostly work online in past few years and one on one in person. First time rent my space here, a beautiful soul friend recommended this flatio to me. I travel often. while I am in Prague ,I live in a beautiful quiet studio in the heart of Prague nearby Charles bridge and amazing Petrin hill and Kampa park Malá Strana Prague 1. To be able to freely access nature and needed civilization are my way to find balance. I hope I will find the right person who loves solitude, adventure, into spirituality, practice self awareness, clean and honest . Thank you very much and I wish you are happy and light .
Life is beautiful and I hope you see this too . Play and laugh, curious and compassionate, passionate and earthly creature enjoying growing towards light keep mind and heart open, body disciplined, sense of humor, laugh at myself , in whatever conditions may challenge my mood

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