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Compact spot at Metro Świętokrzyska

Ocenione na: 20.01.2023 Długość pobytu 16 dni

The apartment location is excellent! Communicating with the owner was easy, and their supports works perfectly. However flat was small than it was shown in the pictures. It is a nice place for short-term stayings, like 1-3 days. But don't expect much.

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Nijat S.

Functional & modern apartment in business district

Ocenione na: 09.01.2023 Długość pobytu 1 miesiąc

Top location!
The apartment can use some light renovations (bathroom specifically).

tenant photo

Kateryna D.

Functional & modern apartment in business district

Ocenione na: 09.11.2022 Długość pobytu 2 miesiące

The apartment is located in a perfect location - the middle of the business district (I call it little Manhattan).
Metro is very close. Starbucks is 50 meters away :)

tenant photo

Kateryna D.

Charming spot perfect for couples for weekend in W

Ocenione na: 23.09.2022 Długość pobytu 15 dni

I didn't realize that there is no ELEVATOR. I arrived with >50kg of luggage and no elevator. Flatio slyly hides that tidbit away, which you may not realize if you are new to the user interface.....scrap that. No matter what, that elevator information should always be shown! That is beyond accessibility. Some things you cannot lift.

Obviously "no elevator" impacts the market pricing tremendously.

My arrival was not in a good light. The checking was flawless but I soon faced 4 unlabeled keys of the same shape that all fit in every lock.
Then I realizing that it is a subapartment labeled "B" with a tiny anteroom and a light that switches of after 3 seconds until you move around again. So another set of entrance doors to find a key for. That is no joke. Minutes went by.
The sofa-bed as anyone who ever bought or used a sofa-bed will know, is a sofa and not a bed made for sleeping. They didn't provide a cushioning sleeping-cover. A 40 Eur investment every 2 years vs. a client 365days with bad sleep and productivity. Yeah. That makes economic sense!

And the stools are impossible to sit for much longer than a dinner.
There is no washing machine but a laundromat nearby. So no complaint here except than a washing machine in a tiny apartment is more important than a dishwasher.

Having survived the first day, I had experienced one of the best and coziest apartments I have seen. The label "rent like home" is no joke and all of the aforementioned things will eventually fade away.

And the neighborhood is fantastic - but that is true for pretty much everywhere in Warsaw.

|t is central enough, but then again that is information that you already had before you press the book-button.

tenant photo

Lorenz S.

Elegance and style in the apartment close to Arkad

Ocenione na: 14.06.2022 Długość pobytu 1 miesiąc

Do not waste your time on this landlord and this apartment! The apartment was dirty, old, the noises from neighbors u will here every time and from in every corner. So noisy, so old. Total disappointment. Also, the landlord in the day of arrival didn’t even write any info about how r we gonna get to the apartment and when we were checking out, again, no one even told us at what time. Do not take this apartment and do not take any apartments from this landlord!!! Save your money and nerve’s.

tenant photo

Nataliia K.

Elegant apartment for two with self check-in

Ocenione na: 14.06.2022 Długość pobytu 23 dni


tenant photo

Tetiana V.

Apartment with air conditioning in Warsaw's Wola d

Ocenione na: 17.05.2022 Długość pobytu 14 dni

Location of the apartment is perfect - at the heart of the city centre, close to cozy places and restaurants. The home is clean and tidy. I am so satisfied with my stay!

tenant photo

Viktoriia D.

Designer paradise by the Old Town Barbakan

Ocenione na: 11.05.2022 Długość pobytu 1 miesiąc

Good flat

tenant photo

Yuliia L.

Checkered - studio in Aparthotel in the Old Town

Ocenione na: 27.02.2022 Długość pobytu 5 miesięcy

very clean, cosy and central

tenant photo

Nicole B.

Spacious flat for a family with bathtub

Ocenione na: 06.12.2021 Długość pobytu 2 miesiące

Very nice apartment with a lot of space in a very accessible location. However, the bed in one of the rooms was unstable, and I had to fix it myself. Other than that, it was a very pleasant experience.

tenant photo

Daniel A.

Cozy and airy room in Serenity Aparthotel

Ocenione na: 01.12.2021 Długość pobytu 1 miesiąc

Great apartment close to the center. Everything exactly as described.

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Daniel M.

Cozy studio in Serenity Aparthotel in the Old Town

Ocenione na: 02.11.2021 Długość pobytu 1 miesiąc

Pokój był bardzo ładny, świetnie wyposażony, czysty. Znajdowała się tam lodówka, płyta indukcyjna, naczynia, garnki, zmywarka. Obsługa była pomocna, a sam pobyt przebiegł bezproblemowo.

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Kamila P.


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