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Paulina K
Paulina K.
Neighborhood hero
Warszawa, Wrocław
Neighborhood hero
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Hi! My name is Paulina, I am the mother of three wonderful children, a wife of wonderful husband and I live in Warsaw, Poland. I am an architect by profession, traveller by heart and hospitality is in my blood, because I am Polish :). Recently I've decided to give it out to you, so I started to manage a portfolio of well-designed, some mid- and some top-end apartments all in downtowns and old towns of major polish cities. Since 2 years I've been putting a lot of heart into the fit-out of these apartments (which I call babies too:) ) and I am collaborating with some of the top Polish street-arters to help me decorate them.. ...AND... THAT IS ALL FOR YOU, so you could feel not only like at home in a forein city, foreign country, wonderful city of Warsaw, Wroclaw, Gdańsk or wherever else you find me, BUT ALSO so that you can experience something new when enter into home! It's HOME AND the WORK OF ART in it. So feel free to book one of my babies, if the dates are right and my calendars are still open. I can't wait to meet you, but sadly to say, only if you are lucky I can be available, haha :). Nonetheless I have a full energetic team to help you with check-ins and check-outs and me, I have airbnb in my pocket, so I will be there when you need me! YOU ARE most of and above all, VERY VERY WELCOME! See you! Paulina

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Marzec 2018

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