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Wynajem mieszkań i pokojów - Porto

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Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 3 900 user
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Maybe a mop to clean the floors would be appreciated, besides that - it was great!
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Lenka D.
She enjoyed 17 dni in Cieplice
More flexibility with invoices. I needed an invoice for renting an apartment, I couldn't get it because I rented an apartment as a private person and not as a company.
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Barbara J.
She enjoyed 1 miesiąc in Praga
very satisfied, resolved all my issues. Very helpful and assistance was always provided.
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Sadeeka A.
She enjoyed 25 dni in Praga
Działa jak airbnb super
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Pola S.
She enjoyed 3 miesiące in Praga
Szybko, sprawnie, online - to najważniejsze, bez zbędnych formalności.
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Bogna F.
She enjoyed 2 miesiące in Warszawa
It was easy to rent an apartment without much bureaucracy (since the contract is available on the website and you can pay the rent through the website as well).
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Lais R.
She enjoyed 2 miesiące in Praga
A very convenient way to find a place to stay in another city.
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Oleg F.
He enjoyed 14 dni in Warszawa
Very good and quick way to find accomodation in another city.
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Oleg F.
He enjoyed 1 miesiąc in Warszawa
Fast and prompt response
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Biljana M.
She enjoyed 29 dni in Praga
Just the 30 days cancelation period is too big. You can lower it to 10 days since this is not renting for long terms site.
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Deni P.
He enjoyed 1 miesiąc in Praga
Compared with similar (and a lot bigger) plaforms, I consider the most important the security and garantee of finding a solution if something's wrong with your booking.
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Jose, Flatio for Business
They enjoyed 19 dni in Bratysława
It’s fast and reliable
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Pascale C.
She enjoyed 1 miesiąc in Praga
Flatio is positively evaluated by more than 3 900 user
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Uruchamiamy wirtualne zwiedzanie!
Czy masz okulary do VR i smartphone? Wypróbuj nowy sposób zwiedzania. Wystarczy kliknąć podczas zwiedzania wprawo na dole!
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dlaczego Flatio?
Rental price on Flatio is the final amount
The rental price includes everything. Internet connection, energy consumption or equipment of the whole apartment. There are no other costs associated with housing, rental price on Flatio is simply the final one.
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