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Sunny double room in Lisbon's heart
2 osób
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w tym usługi i Internet

Pokój do wynajęcia - Lizbona

We are offering our home's best room for guests. The room has a very good light exposure with a desk facing the window with direct sunlight. From the desk, you see the green of the trees and the part of the XI century Saint Jorge Castle wall.

This wonderful apartment is in the middle of Mouraria, which is the iconic historical Lisbon neighborhood of small streets, stairs, and no car access. Thus the location is absolutely fantastic, and you have zero noise from the street, we only listen to the birds. You are in the city center being able to do all your life walking, including going for a walk by the river within 15min from home, being a 5-30min walk to all Lisbon historical city center areas with cafes, bakeries, restaurants, bars and touristic attractions. We are big fans of the large variety of hipster places that have delicious healthy brunches within a short walking distance. This charming apartment is a short walk from some of the best Lisbon viewpoints (miradouros) like Graça and Senhora do Monte which face the sunset and the beautiful garden Jardim da Cerca da Graça. Also, the esplanades, decorated streets, and drying laundry hanging out the windows are permanently present in the alleys of Mouraria. This central neighborhood is still undiscovered by mass tourism.

The living room has 2 large sofas and an extra desk by the window thus suitable for 2 people who want to work from home and also enough space for putting down 2 yoga mats and do some exercise. Large kitchen/dining area fully equipped for cooking with table suitable for 4 people comfortably.

The apartment has been recently renovated and has great isolation and heaters in every room for the winter months. In the summer the architecture of the building makes it very fresh and well ventilated. Equipped with a brand new washing-drying machine, and dishwasher. The small balcony with shade is suitable for taking some fresh air breaks during the day and also having meals or just relaxing outside.

1min from home you have many convenience shops where you can buy the basics, 4min walk an organic-bio shop and 8min walk a large supermarket. This peaceful oasis, due to no traffic on our street, in the heart of Lisbon which has so much to offer as a city is quite unique.

Although we will be sometimes in the apartment (using the other bedroom) we have also other family homes by the beach and in the countryside so you will have the chance to get to know us but also have plenty of privacy. We are a young couple in their 30s, a Portuguese scientist, communications manager, dancer, and entrepreneur, who has lived in 7 countries, on 3 continents. And a Brazilian travel journalist, massage therapist, photographer, and model. We look forward to meeting you and sharing all our favorite spots and things to do in Lisbon.

Cleaning service of the entire apartment every 2 weeks, plus change of bedsheets and towels is included in the price.

Parking: Available in surrounding streets 3 min walk, paid 9AM - 7PM, free 7PM - 9AM.

Fully equipped with a washing-drying machine, dish-washer, fridge, freezer, coffee machine, microwave, toaster, gas stove, water kettle, hairdryer, hair, iron, ironing board, all utensils for self-catering, electric heater
- stock of basic foodstuffs (olive oil, coconut oil vinegar, salt, sugar, many spices, coffee, and tea)
- all bedroom clothes: bed sheets, pillows, towels, duvet.
- free toiletries (shampoo and shower gel) and free laundry and dish-washing supplies.

Note, that we do have a very friendly and calm cat.

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Internet speed for your remote work or entertainment


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The landlord has not filled the internet speed yet. Ask them to clarify this.

Basic furniture
Rozkładana kanapa
Stolik kawowy
Clothes closet
For the most convenient stay
Patelnie, garnki
Ironing board
Clothes drying rack
Electronic devices
Mobile air conditioning
Apple TV
Coffee maker
Water boiler
Slow cooker
Płyta elektryczna
Płyta gazowa
Wine cooler
Ice maker
Other gaming console
Robotic vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner
Robotic lawn mover
Lawn mover
Building matters
Heating (Electronic)
Something for the kids
Baby crib
Bed for children
High chair
Electronic babysitter
Breath monitor
Toilet seat
Baby bath
Changing table
Playground (outdoor)
Security features
Security lock
Security enter door
Smoke detector
CO detector
Standard door lock
Subscriptions (included in price)
Telewizja kablowa
Amazon Prime
Apple TV+
YouTube TV
Something little bit extra
Swimming pool
Hot tub
Dostęp dla wózków inwalidzkich
Handrail (Grab bar)
Shower seat
Shower chair
Stair lift
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10 m2
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Ocena oferty
Tenant photo
The apartment is located in a lovely neighborhood. It's very quiet and you can easily access restaurants and metro stations. 
They have a lovely cat called Terra. She is shy but also cuddles with you after. 
Alex and Filipa are amazing hosts. They trust their house to you. Everything is clean and organized. The kitchen is fully equipped, and the room is very comfortable. 
We totally recommend staying with them. 
Ocenione na: 26.07.2022
Długość pobytu 19 dni
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O właścicielu
Filipa & Alex R. 5
At Flatio from April 2022
Neighborhood hero
Experienced host
We are a young couple in their 30s, a Portuguese scientist, communications manager, dancer, and entrepreneur, and a Brazilian travel journalist, massage therapist, photographer, and model.
We love to live in Lisbon and we are so happy to start sharing with our guests, our space which we made very cozy. We love having international friends around and we look forward to getting to know you too.
We love traveling, the outdoors, and culture. When we are in Lisbon we love to go to live music evenings at the amazing diverse offer of this city, from Jazz jams to Brazilian samba, to traditional Portuguese fado. We love to eat out and we know most of the good vegetarian and international food restaurants in the historical downtown.
We also love to take the train from Rossio (10min walk from our place) and easily get out of the city and visit Sintra, go to the beach, and go for walks at the Arrabida's national park.
We also love water sports such as surfing, scuba diving and wing-foiling, all easily accessible from Lisbon.
Alex is a musician and plays in a samba band, takes pictures of people in the city (@Lisboafototour) and offers shiatsu massages.
Filipa is a dancer and almost every night goes to a class or an open gathering in the streets or gardens of Lisbon to dance Forro, salsa, contact improvisation, Contemporaneo, pop, etc. Filipa is also a yoga teacher in the styles of Himalayan kriya, ashtanga, pranayama, and yin yoga. When out of the city Filipa's a rock climber too, and there are many great climbing spots around Lisbon.
We both love to explore Lisbon's outdoor organic food and second-hand markets.
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Frequently asked questions for this offer
How is this housing rated?
Tenants gave this accommodation 5 from 5 stars, for a detailed evaluation of tenants take a look at here.
How far is it to the nearest public transport stop?
Public transport is 2 minuty on foot, night public transport is 5 minut on foot. Also see the availability of other nearby services.
How far is the main station?
The main station is 10 minut away (using public transport). Also see the availability of other nearby services.
What is the minimum lease length?
The minimum lease length is 14 dni. See other conditions of rental.
What is the maximum lease length?
The maximum lease length is set to 5 miesięcy. See other conditions of rental.
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However, suppose the owner has already approved your reservation request, and you are no longer interested in it. In that case, you can still cancel the reservation before you sign the lease agreement. Just consider that you should do this only in essential cases. Because when the landlord accepts your reservation, their property is stopped being advertised, and they can lose the chance to rent their property to someone else.

Do you have an approved reservation and also a valid agreement? In order to cancel your reservation, contact Flatio customer support well in advance of your contract beginning (the specific time and amount of refund depends on the type of cancellation policy).